Meet the Team

All of us share one thing in common - a passion for motorcycles and a love for the beautiful country we live in, Canada.  We could keep these things to ourselves…but we’re too generous for that…which is why we’re so excited to share them with you!

(from Left to Right - Kris Biette, Aaron Janzen, Brad Payne, Mark Lane)

(from Left to Right - Kris Biette, Aaron Janzen, (3rd person in is a good friend of ours), and Mark Lane)


Aaron Janzen - Started riding dirt bikes at the age of 9 and no amount of broken bones or concussions over his lifetime has successfully been able to deter this guy from getting right back in the saddle again!!! If Aaron isn’t hanging out with his family, or in the garage working on a project bike, or chasing the horizon on one of them...then he probably can't be found!  Aaron believes mornings are for coffee and contemplation...and evenings are for having a drink and reminiscing with friends and strangers alike.  He pretends to play golf, strum the guitar, and restore old bikes...but what he's really best at is hanging off the side of his bike in a corner and letting his kids hang off him when he's at home!

Mark Lane - Mark has been fascinated by anything with a motor since he was a little kid; owning over 100 motorcycles by the time he graduated from High School! Mark spent 25 years in the beautiful backcountry of British Columbia and Alberta doing reforestation before discovering the perfect solution to his ever increasing collection of rare vintage motorcycles - a museum! Check it out here...Dreamcycle Museum.  If Mark isn’t meticulously restoring an old bike, or passionately sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of vintage motorcycles to fascinated museum-attendees….he can probably be found out on the Shuswap Lake waterskiing, or around a campfire with family and friends!

Kris Biette - Can’t remember if his first childhood memories were on a motorcycle shop stool or a piano bench…but both motorcycles and music have fuelled his passion for life ever since! He loves anything that allows him to spend time outdoors; motorcycling, camping, kayaking, snowboarding…especially when he can enjoy these things with his family and friends.

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