CMATours assumes that any riders booking during the pandemic are aware of the ongoing situation
with COVID-19. We are happy that you wish to make travel arrangements with us and we will do
everything we can to make your ride a safe and enjoyable experience. By booking with CMATours,
you acknowledge that there is an inherent financial risk to yourself and to CMATours when making
plans during an uncertain time and accept your part of this risk as we do ours.
Over the course of the past year, we have done our best to work with all our customers who have
had to cancel their travel plans due to the pandemic. We continue to make efforts to be as flexible as
we can. We expect that we have all considered the consequences of travel during this pandemic and
are doing our mutual best to mitigate those consequences.

As much as we would like to refund the full value of cancelations made during this time real costs
are born from the preparation of the bikes. In order to provide you with a reliable motorcycle we need
to purchase new bikes, insure the vehicles so they meet provincial regulations, stock parts and
service equipment in anticipation for the trip. All of this is in addition to the day-to-day costs of
running the business. These policies allow us to guarantee that if we can’t make your dream trip
happen this year, we will be able to in the years to come.

COVID-19 Reservation & Cancellation Policy

  1. If a cancellation occurs 3 weeks before the date of the reservation we will either refund
    the amount paid less a $200 administration fee per bike or apply the full value of the
    amount paid as a rental/tour credit.
  2. If a cancellation occurs within 3 weeks of the reservation we will apply the full value of
    the amount paid as a rental/tour credit, less a $200 administration fee.